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Android Phone
QR Droid

QR Code Reader

Apple iPhone
Red Laser
Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader
QR code scanner and generator
Analytics Pro
Google Analytics in your pocket

For BlackBerry Torch:

Go to App World, press the menu key
and select "Scan a Barcode."


For Other BlackBerry Users:

BlackBerry has a QR code reader built into
BlackBerry Messenger 5 (BBM5).

If you have BBM5:

Open BlackBerry Messenger, select Contacts and select Invite Contact, then Invite by Scanning a PIN barcode

To upgrade to BBM5:

Click Here


Windows Phone
Phrase Meme Scanner
Multi-format barcode reader
Download the QR Reader app from the Windows Marketplace

Multiple Platforms
i-Nigma Reader
1D and 2D barcode reader
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